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this journal IS alive. I just don't bother to update here because I don't think anyone reads this. I just spend my time lurking and posting in comms.
Ray - Nega

'ah got bog dirds to feed.....


My dad said he'd drive me, sissy, and em. :] unfortunately thoooooo.... i gotta save up lots of money!!! and there's cosplay. Right now sissy is set on Darkstalkers, but we always change our minds, so we'll see XD
Ray - Nega

I will splatter this canvas with the blood of the stars

I feel maybe i should update my lj more often, lol. I spend so much time on comms but neglect my lj : [

I have three Finals this week and I am done school for the semester!! yaaaay
too bad they are all 8am. figures that it has to work out that way for me!! gotta get up early three days in a row for a two hour test >[

oh!! the h.naoto honey dress i planned to buy is gooooooone ;_; makes me very sad.
xmas time, xmas time my fav time of year even if it makes me broke
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i should be doing an essay

meme from defected_prince
Leave me a comment saying "rainbow".
I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions

1. WHY NERDY MEN? what is so great about them?
ummm because they're so cute and easily embarassed and oh so seducable and...idk!! how do you explain attractions???lol

2.If you could go back in time and change one thing what would it be?
believing a single word otto said. this is my one and only regret in life.

3. If you could have ANYTHING one thing what would it be?
a cure for my mom

4.Please draw a fuzzy dragon
this is to be edited!!! I'll draw one later lol

5. why do i love you so much babe<3?
because i write you wataru sappiness and daddy molestation? :D

Ray - Nega

hold me, love me JUSt wANNA TOUCh you

Otakon in 11 days!
Sissy's bday in 10 days!
Getting another tattoo in 9 days!

I'm very bad to my lj ;~; I never update it. I'm so lazzyyyy xD I've been on Gaia again though! LUNARtic ecliPSE look me up. sissy and i also made blogs because she decided we need blogs. mine is empty and boring. she needs to make a layout for mine before i feel the need to do anything on it.

I LOVE SMT NOCTURNE.Though I've died 9234893024 times because the game is so fucking hard. Right now I'm trying to beat the Pale Ride ;A; He is so hard. I've been using the Third Kalpa to level up lots so i can beat the daskjlhdka hard bosses >O

Hmm I'm doing laundry now and i might go play Nocturne...or work on cosplay....ooohhh...decisions decisions......

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh why is there a praying mantis on the windowwwwwwww!!